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At Mosenthal Spine & Wellness, we believe aging shouldn’t mean getting old. Good health encompasses much more than diet and exercise. We offer a wide array of advanced, science-backed medical services to treat underlying medical conditions that may be preventing you from living your best life.

Peptides are short strings of amino acids that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Peptides can engage with and activate various receptors throughout the body, making them effective for a number of treatments, including tissue repair, weight loss, sexual enhancement, and sleep improvement.  

Based on your health needs and goals, our certified nurse practitioner may recommend a course of peptides.

Ozone therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool for different diseases related to chronic oxidative stress and inflammation, including chronic pain. When injected into a soft tissue or joint, ozone can stimulate repair, reduce inflammation, and may promote new cartilage growth.

Almost all muscle, tendon, ligament and joint pain is accompanied by a trigger point problem. Trigger point treatment should be your first step to healing associated pain. Trigger points are highly sensitive, painful knots of skeletal muscle that have lost elasticity and tightened due to injury or overuse. They can cause pain almost anywhere, but are particularly known for causing back pain, neck pain, joint pain and pain in the extremities. These tight knots prevent the surrounding tissues from functioning normally, which can cause referred pain in connecting tissues. Trigger points can also be frustratingly stubborn to treat as they sometimes resist various forms of treatment.  We utilize a natural combination of Traumeel and/or Zeel to reduce your trigger point problem(s). 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are used to treat a variety of conditions, from sports injuries to arthritic joints. The treatment uses a patient’s own blood cells to accelerate healing in a specific area. Research to date indicates that PRP is highly effective in reducing chronic pain, especially when used as part of a larger treatment plan for chronic injuries. As such, we often recommend PRP injections in conjunction with other therapies to achieve the best results in pain reduction and function of the affected area.

If you have tried multiple treatments for migraine or chronic headaches without success, or are taking heavy duty medication to limit the symptoms of your headaches, we highly recommend trying a sphenopalatine ganglion block using the Tx360 nasal delivery device.

The sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) is a group of nerve cells connected to the brainstem and the coverings of the brain (called the meninges) by the trigeminal nerve, which is the main nerve involved in headache disorders. A sphenopalatine ganglion block is a procedure in which a local anesthetic is delivered to the SPG to relieve headache pain.

In our practice we use the Tx360 nasal delivery device – a specially designed medical device that makes the sphenopalatine ganglion block virtually pain-free and significantly reduces the possibility of any side-effects or risks that the procedure may have with hand-held needle placement.

We are excited about offering our patients a new way to achieve a better outcome for wound care. As a partner with New Life Medical Services, we utilize their proprietary human cellular tissue products to help your body heal in a way that is truly incredible. These products and the use of them are covered by insurance. If you are suffering from an acute or chronic wound, we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment and see what the next generation of wound healing is all about. 

Find out if your health problem(s) are being caused by environmental or food allergies. Even better, if you do have allergies, we have a way to help significantly reduce those allergies without shots. Allergy testing and treatment is covered by most insurances. Why continue to live with allergies if you don’t have to? Call us today to see how we can help you! We are proud to offer Allerfocus to our patients.

We are a proud supplier of medicare-accepted back supports (DME) such as the DDS 500 and Aspen Horizon. Back supports provide drug-free back pain relief, fast and easy on-the-spot treatment, and is accepted by Medicare and most private insurances.

A deficiency in hormone levels has been credited with contributing to illnesses such as menopause, hot flashes, perimenopause, and several other conditions. Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT) is a hormonal replacement therapy that is used to treat and ease the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. If you are entering perimenopause or are starting menopause and have any of the following symptoms, BHT may be effective for you:

  • a change in the normal pattern of your periods

  • changes to your mood, like low mood, anxiety, mood swings and low self-esteem

  • problems with memory or concentration (brain fog)

  • hot flushes, when you have sudden feelings of hot or cold in your face, neck and chest which can make you dizzy

  • difficulty sleeping, which may be a result of night sweats and make you feel tired and irritable during the day

  • palpitations, when your heartbeats suddenly become more noticeable

  • headaches and migraines that are worse than usual

  • muscle aches and joint pains

  • changed body shape and weight gain

  • skin changes including dry and itchy skin

  • reduced sex drive

  • vaginal dryness and pain, itching or discomfort during sex

  • recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

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Posture impacts a lot of different things in your life. It can impact your range of motion which, in turn, impacts your flexibility and balance. Poor posture can also reduce your muscle strength, eventually leading to joint alignment and joint instability issues. Over the course of our lives, poor posture is responsible for our joint degeneration and pain.

Our 3D posture analysis offers an incredibly detailed view of your posture and provides you with specific exercises to improve it. The exercises are based on monthly goals and with a little effort on your part, you can actually change your posture (for the better) in as little as 3 months.  This will help your chiropractic alignment last much longer and result in less pain! For more information, visit https://biotonix.com/en/patients/

As with many conditions, early recognition and diagnosis of dementia is key to managing symptoms and devising a treatment strategy. 

Through baseline testing, neurologists can determine whether a patient needs further cognitive development and testing. By digging deeper into each cognitive test and expanding upon the areas of need, doctors can map out the areas of the brain that are creating dementia symptoms and formulate testing and treatment strategies to exercise these specific cognitive abilities.

This process forms the mold for an individual’s treatment plan that effectively manages (and, ideally, improves) dementia symptoms.

As Medicare covers cognitive testing, we encourage everyone at age 65 to get a baseline test. A baseline test is a highly useful measurement for cognition that will serve you into the future. At Mosenthal Spine & Wellness, we use an interactive, state-of-the-art evaluation that accurately measures your cognitive function and recommends more comprehensive interventions for those in need.  

Please call us today if you have recently experienced:

  • Memory loss

  • Confusion about time or place

  • Poor decision making

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Frequently forgetting or losing things

  • Difficulty understanding and reacting to a stimulus (voice, visual, etc.)

  • Difficulty speaking clearly or finding the right words to say 

  • Challenges with focus and planning

  • Issues with writing clearly or effectively

The Platinum 4 by Summus is the world’s most advanced medical laser in pain relief technology. Trusted by the Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Chiefs, Toronto Maple Leafs, NY Yankees, and a host of other professional sports teams, it has the unparalleled ability to heal acute, chronic, & post-surgical pain and neuropathy. We are proud to offer this state of the art healing device to the community.

We are pleased to offer Acoustic Wave Therapy, one of the world’s most advanced approaches to tissue healing and inflammation control. We use a combination of Acoustic Wave Therapy and Class IV LaserTherapy to accomplish what is just not available in any other therapy.  The Acoustic Wave Therapy uses sound waves that penetrate deep into the tissue “breaking up” the spasm/disorganized/fibrotic tissue allowing them to re-heal the correct way.  In order to make sure that the tissue does that we use the world’s most advanced class IV laser that optimizes your healing process.

Most degenerative tissue symptoms are in part caused by the compression of the spinal units. As these spinal units get compressed, they become irritated. The only real solution in this situation is to decompress your spinal tissues. We do this by using our state-of-the-art Ergoflex low back decompression equipment.

Conditions We Treat

Orthopedic Symptoms/Conditions Treated
All joint, ligament, tendon, muscle, disc and meniscus symptoms including pain, sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis, tendinopathies, wounds, contusions


  • TMJ
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Concussions
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Neck Pain and/or Stiffness
  • Cervical Sprain/Strain
  • Whiplash/Auto Injury
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • CervicalDisc Herniation
  • Stenosis
  • Post Operative Neck Pain
  • Neck Osteoarthritis
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Pre/Post Pregnancy Neck Pain
  • Other Cervical Joint and Muscle Pain


  • Shoulder Pain
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Shoulder sprain/strain
  • Labrum tears
  • Shoulder osteoarthritis and degeneration
  • Shoulder instability
  • Bicep tendon tears/strains
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • AC joint sprain/strain
  • Post shoulder surgery pain


  • Elbow Pain
  • Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
  • Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)

Wrist and Hand

  • Wrist and Hand Pain
  • TFCC Tear
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hand Arthritis
  • Thumb Arthritis
  • Trigger Finger


  • Mid Back Pain
  • Between Shoulder Pain
  • Rib Pain
  • Flank Pain

Low Back 

  • Low Back Pain/Lumbalgia
  • Low Back Strain/Sprain
  • Lumbalgia
  • Pre/Post Pregnancy Low Back
  • Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain
  • Stenosis
  • Post Surgical/Operative Low Back Pain
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Disc Bulge/Herniations
  • Mechanical Back Pain
  • Spinal Spondylosis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
  • Spondylosis


  • Hip Pain
  • Hip Strain/Sprain
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Hip Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Labral Tears
  • Hip Tendonitis


  • Knee Pain
  • Knee Strain/Sprain
  • Patellar Pain
  • Jumper’s Knee
  • Runner’s Knee
  • Meniscus Tears
  • Knee Osteoarthritis


  • Ankle/Foot Pain
  • Ankle Sprain/Strains
  • Neuromas
  • Ankle/Foot Osteoarthritis

Other Conditions

  • Work-Related Injury
  • Auto Injury
  • Children’s Injuries/Pain (Due to Sports or Other Injury, Growing Pains, Posture Issues)
  • Poor Posture
  • Stress-Related muscle tension/pain
  • Upper cross syndrome
  • Lower cross syndrome
  • Radiculopathy
  • Neuropathy
  • Pre and Post Joint Surgery
  • Over Pronation

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